Bridge measures success by learning outcomes. We believe that it’s not just about ensuring children are in class but making sure that once there, learning is happening.

Our pupils have taken national exams in multiple countries across consecutive years and in each country they are outperforming the national average. They have also taken part in international tests and studies and again, have outperformed their peers. The results prove that our model works and that it’s possible to ensure that learning happens in all classrooms, for all children.


Standard 3 pupils doubled their passage reading speed from the beginning of the year, setting them on the path towards fluency and comprehension.

Impact in Indiagreen-right


Our pupils have outperformed the national average for five consecutive years in the primary school exit exam (KCPE).

Impact in Kenyagreen-right


A gold standard three year RCT found that students in Bridge-supported schools had the equivalent of 2.5 years of additional learning.

Impact in Liberiagreen-right


A UK Government report revealed equity of learning at Bridge. In Lagos, parents’ income and education was not correlated to children’s attainment.

Impact in Nigeriagreen-right


Our pupils have outperformed the national average for three consecutive years in the national primary school exit exam (PLE).

Impact in Ugandagreen-right

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