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Here you’ll find collected reports, case studies and features on our work from ourselves and various third parties.

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2020: How can private schools benefit societies?

new report conducted by LEK and commissioned by Jacobs Foundation explores the potential of privately-run schools to benefit societies.

The sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) on Quality Education sets several bold challenges for the world to achieve by 2030, including universal completion of free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education.

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2019: Making the most of technology in education

In this report from the U.K. National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts (NESTA) draws together lessons from nine international examples of inspiring practice where technology is impacting on large numbers of teachers and students. Bridge is one of these.

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2019: Beyond The Mirage

With a foreword from George Werner, former education minister in Liberia, Beyond the Mirage calls on government leaders around the world to act pragmatically for the best combinations of both public and private education. 

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2018: Africa Education Innovations Handbook

The African Union’s African Education Innovations Handbook 2018 profiles Edo State’s flagship public education transformation programme – EdoBEST – in which Bridge is proud to be a technical partner.

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2017: Companies to inspire Africa

The London Stock Exchange ‘Companies to Inspire Africa’ is an annual report, looking at companies that, “showcase outstanding stories of innovation, bravery and growth across the continent.”

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2017: The Business of Education in Africa

The World Economic Forum report , The Business of Education in Africa  profiles Bridge (Page 135) and separately Bridge in Liberia (Page 212),  advocating private sector involvement in the provision and design of education. The Executive Summary reads ‘It is both important and probable that the coming years will see closer partnership between governments and the private sector in Sub Saharan Africa as they jointly address the challenges of improving quality, access, and relevance of education.’

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2016: World Development Report

In this report from the World Bank, Bridge is profiled (Page 169) as an example of, ‘Digitally enabled teacher management in private schools.’

Our profile notes: “The standardised instruction, school management and, assessment ensure that each student in a Bridge academy receives the same education, regardless of location or instructor. Initial evaluations show that this educational style may be effective.”

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2016: IFC Inclusive Business Case Study

The International Finance Committee is a body of the World Bank. They believe a, “strong and engaged private sector is indispensable to ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.” In September 2016 they profiled Bridge.

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2016: Brookings Institution

In April 2016, the Brooking Institute: Center for Universal Education profiled Bridge in their report looking at 14 organisations, telling the story of,  “where and how quality education has scaled in low- and middle-income countries.”

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2015: UNICEF

Based on research from 2015 – this 2018 report – the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) profiled Bridge for their report on the use of ICT to raise learning outcomes. Page 23 pays particular attention to our use of technology for increasing quality and teaching standards whilst lowering costs. Appendix II of the report goes into greater details about the key features and impact of our model.

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2015: MIT Case Study

The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology profiled Bridge’s model of delivering quality education at a very low price using a highly efficient and rapidly scalable system.

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2015: The Bridge Effect

This working paper, from Bridge, is a comparison of early grade learning gains in English and Maths. Using the Early Grade Reading Assessment and Early Grade Math Assessment (EGRA/EGMA), we measure the foundational literacy and numeracy skills of our pupils and those in neighbouring schools to understand both absolute and relative pupil performance. It used tools developed by the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) in conjunction with USAID, which have been used by education ministries and multi-lateral agencies around the world.

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2014: Inter-American Development Bank

In this report on ‘market based solutions for the bottom of the pyramid,’ by the Inter-American Development Bank, Bridge is featured as a case study. The report covers our history, technology, design, scalability, learning gains and, economic impact.

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2010: Harvard Business Review

A detailed analysis of the Bridge model from the management magazine of Harvard University, Harvard Business Review.

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