Lesson structure

Our lessons are designed to enable pupil-focused classrooms. They are based upon a three step process which is ‘I do, You do, We do’ an approach that actively engages practice and interaction.

All of our lessons are divided into four carefully designed parts–Vocabulary, Reading, Activity and Homework. Fifteen hours of research and design go into every single lesson.

A typical lesson structure shows how a teacher guide works and ensures there is plenty of scope for creativity and interaction.

Section 1: Introduction & New Vocabulary

The teacher introduces the new vocabulary for the day, before relating it to the lesson topic. For example, a teacher may ask the pupils to turn and talk to their classmate about one thing that plants need to survive. For open ended questions such as these, teachers have a list of possible answers displayed on their guides.

Section 2: Focus on Reading

A teacher will go through the material for the lesson and engage the children in the topic, supported by their teacher guide. The lesson guide suggests that the pupils have eight minutes to read the rest of the three paragraphs individually. This gives the the teacher time to walk around the classroom and help those who need it to understand the text. This individual practice is where we believe the majority of learning takes place.

Section 3: Activity

This  section of the lesson focuses on questions and feedback. This is when pupils would do the activity highlighted earlier. Often pupils read the questions with the teacher and answer them individually, meaning they get dedicated one-to-one feedback.

Section 4: Homework

Every day pupils get homework on key topics such as Maths, English, Science and Social Sciences. This is carefully explained at the end of each lesson.

The technology and the teacher guide mean that teachers can be confident that they are delivering the best possible lesson to their class. They know that even if they are in a very remote community, where resources are scarce, they have content in their hands that will enable them to teach a great lesson.