Meet the team

Bridge believes in the capacity of the private sector to help tackle the global learning crisis and catalyse social change. We’re working towards a world where every child can access the life-changing education they deserve.

There are thousands of dedicated and committed people all over the world who make up team Bridge. Meet the people that are spearheading our mission and take a look at some of our valued Partners and Investors.

Jay Kimmelman

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jay has spent his life in the education sector; and prior to Bridge founded EduSoft. As well as leading Bridge’s operations he oversees finance, fundraising and investment to enable even more children to access life changing education.

Dr Shannon May

Co-founder and President

Shannon has a PhD in anthropology and was a classroom teacher and lecturer, both in the US and China, before co-founding Bridge. Now she oversees Bridge’s growth into new partnerships with governments and organisations worldwide.

Prabhakar Sunder

Chief Financial Officer

Prabhakar was Head of Finance at one of India's most successful e-commerce startups. Now, he ensures that Bridge makes judicious use of its financial resources to maximise support in learning for children and teachers and in the process delivers the financial transparency and accountability for our investors, government partners and, parents.

Sean Geraghty

Chief Academic and Schools Officer

Sean used be a teacher so understands how important it is to feel empowered and supported. Now, he ensures that teachers and pupils have the best possible experience and achieve the best possible results by leading our "Learning Lab."

Kent McNeill

Chief Technology Officer

Kent has a passion for technology which is important when you need to deliver a high tech solution in a low infrastructure environment. He leads technology teams around the world to ensure teachers and staff are effectively supported as they help children to learn.

Kunbi Wuraola

Regional Director, Policy and Partnerships, Africa

Kunbi has over two decades of experience in the development and education sector working with government and private organizations across Africa. She is an ardent believer in the possibilities and potentials of impoverished young Africans; when they have access to a good education.

Sujatha Muthayya

Vice President, Policy and Partnerships, Asia

Sujatha has a background in developing services for those at the bottom of the pyramid; with a particular focus on non-state education. She oversaw our entry into India and is now crafting our services to deliver at scale and with impact for governments across Asia.

Oladapo Olarinmoye

Managing Director, Nigeria

Oladapo has decades of operational management experience in Nigeria, and has served on primary schools boards in Lagos. Now, he is combining his personal passion and professional experience to drive the delivery of Bridge's mission in Nigeria.

Jawahar Tadepalli

Director, India

Jawahar spent years as a teacher. He is driven towards empowering teachers, using technology in the classroom and making quality education accessible for all children. Now supports our schools in Andhra Pradesh working closely with teachers and academy managers.

Stefan Oosthuizen

Acting Director, Liberia

Stefan leads our team in Liberia and works closely with the Ministry of Education to continue providing free quality education in public schools. He also serves as the Director of Operations. Stefan brings a breath of operations experience to Bridge, having worked as a Senior Operations Manager across Central and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Christine Apiot

Acting Director, Uganda

Christine started as our Academics Director in Uganda. She is passionate about furthering and promoting the inclusion of women and girls and now she is bringing that passion to an education context. She is a Fellow at the Brookings Institute.

Reuben Wambugu

Acting Director, Kenya

Reuben previously served as our School Director in Kenya. He is passionate about the changes he has seen taking place over the years within communities as children have excelled academically and opened new doors for themselves and their families.

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