Get to know some of our most recent campaigns, and learn more about issues that are close to our heart. To date, we’ve sought to raise awareness of girls education and the thoughts, feelings and opinions of those on the front-line of the global education crisis.


Launched in October 2019, TeachersTransformLives called for greater support and training of teachers so that they can be successful in the classroom.

The campaign tells the stories of Laura, Ibrahim, Madhavi, Cecilia, Simon, Prema, and Prince who’ve all transformed the way they teach and are now transforming lives.

These teachers are the ones who will change the world, one young life at a time.

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Launched in September 2018, GirlSuperPower was in response to new data from the United Nations which revealed the number of girls who are out-of-school globally was actually increasing!

Using the voices of our female pupils, the aim was to raise awareness of this statistic — a 6% increase in one year — and call on policymakers to prioritise girls education. Our pupils spoke about what their ‘GirlSuperPower’ was i.e. science, maths or art, and they aspired to an education that would enable them to learn and fulfil their dreams.

Around the world, 131 million girls remain out-of-school and, the number who don’t go to primary school increased from 32 million in 2015 to 34 million in 2016.

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Launched in June 2017, MyBridge was a campaign that actually put the voices of those being failed by the learning crisis – pupils, parents and teachers – at the centre of the global conversation.

The aim was to draw attention to the need for high-quality and affordable education options worldwide; where there are 263 million children and young people out of school — 61 million of which are primary school aged children.

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