What we do

At Bridge, innovation and teacher support are transforming learning outcomes for children. We create world-class lessons based on national curricula, develop in depth teacher training and support programmes, and use cutting edge wireless technology. The schools we support better empower teachers and communities by being data-driven and evidence-based.

We’re proof that great education can be delivered sustainably, at scale and within the limited budgets of developing country governments. We’re always accountable to government(s) and have several different models of support for education systems. We’re a trusted partner because governments have seen our results and believe in the difference that we make to children, communities, and the future of both.

We offer a range of services at scale to teachers, pupils, school operators, governments, and non-governmental organisations.

Education consultancy

From the evaluation of current needs, to strategic policy development or the design of a public private partnership agreement, our team are available to assist governments in improving their education plans.

Education in insecure areas

We have experience of delivering primary education and teacher support materials in refugee and emergency areas. We work in multiple conflict areas and have deployed a wide range of its services in these contexts.

Measurement & Evaluation

We measure efficacy using numerous tools and metrics, from small scale classroom tests of instructional design over several weeks, to large scale controlled trials over multiple years. We can support measurement of other schools as an objective external researcher.

Public Private Partnership schools

We support governments in low and middle-income countries to transform their existing public primary schools into high-performing learning environments.

Research and Insights

Our success in building schools starts with understanding community needs well. Our research team can provide insights about community needs, and pave a path towards stronger and more engaged parent teacher associations and other local partnerships.

Early childhood education

A core service we provide is the provision, management, evaluation, and improvement of early childhood education. This is vital for good early development and our team can create high-quality solutions.

Education technologies

We offer school, teacher, and pupil management systems that deliver near real time information about the location, performance, teaching, and learning happening in every class, every day. This can support system wide reform and improvement.

Operational support

We provide back-office support services to government schools and systems, helping to quickly improve the management through customised operations support.

Primary schools

A core service we provide is the provision, management, evaluation, and improvement of primary education. We support government schools to become high quality primary schools and classes and create affordable schools for underserved communities.

Digital teacher guides

Teacher guides provide explicit support about how best to deliver each interactive lesson. Our hand-held devices enable teachers to confidently conduct small group practice and give individual feedback to learners. Our guides help ensure that best practices are incorporated into every lesson. Our technology also mean a child’s progress can be tracked and the guides adjusted as needed during the course of the year to best support learning.

Instructional materials

We're specialists in creating quality printed instructional materials for teachers and pupils in early childhood and primary school. Our materials cover the full range of required subjects ranging from early childhood development to junior secondary school. Materials are always fully aligned with local curricula and are also grade aligned.

Teacher professional development

We're empowering high performing school leaders and teachers. Our team works to increase the capacity and quality of teacher training and coaching schemes for government teachers—novice and experienced—and can assist with training programmes for new teachers.

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