Impact in Liberia

The public private partnership (PPP) in Liberia is an innovative programme designed to scale up effective new approaches to education. Bridge is one of eight partners—and the largest—managing 158 of the 226 ‘Liberian Education Advancement Program’ (LEAP) schools. This includes some of the most remote regions of Liberia in most need of quality education, such as Maryland County in south-east Liberia.

Academic reports

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In 2016, Liberia’s Ministry of Education announced the Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) initiative, an innovative public private partnership designed to transform the public education system. Education providers with proven track records in delivering high-quality education were paired with public primary schools across Liberia. We were chosen as one of the first government partners. Following an election and a change of government, the programme was renamed the Liberian Education Advancement Programme (LEAP).

The programme was studied as part of a three year randomised control trial (RCT) which was designed to measure whether learning outcomes improved. It has now expanded benefitting hundreds of public schools across the country.