Working with government

At Bridge, we’re proud to partner with governments—local and national—to improve nurseries and primary schools. We work together to increase education quality, raise teaching capacity and develop independent, confident and literate children.

In Edo State, Nigeria we’re the technical delivery partner in the Governor’s flagship Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST) initiative which is improving learning for 300,000 children.

In Liberia, we’re a partner in the Liberian Education Advancement Program (LEAP; formerly Partnership Schools for Liberia [PSL]). With responsibility for managing 168 schools—we’re boosting the capacity of both teachers and learners in Liberia.

Plus, in Borno State, north-east Nigeria we run a tripartite partnership with the state government and in Andhra Pradesh, south-east India we’re part of a government infrastructure partnership.

Where we partner with governments, every school remains under the full authority of that government. 

What we offer

Using our experience, we can provide a pathway to a better performing education system that covers lesson design, teacher training and pedagogy, management, assessment, and evaluation.

We’re a global network of schools—with over a decade’s experience of boosting learning in a local context to create globally competitive classroom, plus:

  • Global expertise, working at scale with African governments
  • A coherent approach to shaping an education system for evidence-based decision making and the improvement of  learning outcomes
  • Expertise in teacher training, coaching, development, and support
  • Creation of custom learning materials and lesson plans fully aligned to host countries curriculum
  • Data collation through system-wide monitoring and evaluation that host governments can use to measure, evaluate and improve learning outcomes
  • Our Insights team can provide data on community needs, and pave a path towards stronger and more engaged parent-teacher associations and other local partnerships

We’re committed to working with local and national experts to generate system-level education changes that mean local partners can adopt, own and manage long-term sustainable improvements

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