We believe that strong teachers change lives. So, we’re empowering a new community of trained, prepared and supported teachers. A great teacher does more than impart knowledge, they are also an inspiration, a mentor and a friend.

Teachers need to be supported, trained and empowered. They need resources that will enable them to teach effectively and material that is designed to help children learn. They need ongoing coaching, feedback and to know that they have a ‘shoulder to lean on‘.

A global shortage of good-quality teachers

Lack of support

Many teachers are left unsupported and with poor resources. Unfortunately, it’s often the children most in need of good teachers that have the least. Globally, over 69 million new teachers are needed by 2030 to realise sustainable development goal 4 (SDG4): all children in quality education (25.8 million primary school teachers). SDG4 includes a commitment to improving the quality of teachers. Yet, governments struggle to recruit, retain and support teachers, especially in remote, rural or conflict-affected areas, the very areas where the majority of the world’s out-of-school children live.

The world needs 25.8 million more primary school teachers by 2030.

Lack of knowledge

Sadly many teachers struggle. According to academic research, on average 89 per cent of teachers in sub-Saharan Africa don’t have the minimum level of pedagogical knowledge. Teacher absenteeism is also extremely high. Governments have no means of monitoring and tracking performance or attendance. Even if a child makes it in to a classroom, they cannot learn without a teacher.

Bar graph of teacher absenteeism around the world.
Transparency International Teacher Absenteeism Survey, 2004-2011 (Data for Bridge is for 2017)

The Bridge approach

Training and development

At Bridge, we train, develop and support both government and community teachers so as they are equipped with everything they need to maximise a child’s learning.

Our team analyses pedagogical research, utilises leadership and development experts, and works closely with government bodies to develop the most effective teacher training and support techniques. Our training focuses on creating a truly pupil-centred classroom.

Using technology

Every teacher supported by Bridge is equipped with a device (‘teacher computer’) on which they can download teacher guides for over eight hours of engaging lessons a day—up to two weeks in advance. This frees them from the demands of lesson planning and allows them to focus on what they love the most—teaching!

A Bridge teacher holds his teaching computer, and reads a lesson guide.
Pictured: A Bridge teacher holds his teacher computer, and reads his teacher guide.

A positive learning environment

Further, we create positive learning environments by eliminating corporal punishment from the classroom, strengthening teacher-pupil relationships.

Empowering teachers in the developing world

Bridge trained and Bridge-supported teachers benefit from ongoing training, improved resources, continual support, professional development, and much more. All of this gives them pride in their profession as they see their pupils learning more.

We’ve demonstrated that with the right support average teachers can become great teachers, and great teachers can change lives.

Bridge trained teachers lead the way

Watch this short video and learn why Bridge teacher, Julianne Wambui Kimani believes, “the use of technology makes it [teaching] very fulfilling for me.” Learn how she feels supported to get the best from her pupils and see how she’s benefitting from her Bridge training. Finally, discover how her teacher guide affords her ‘creativity and freedom’.

Meet our teachers