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In many countries public education systems are struggling to deliver meaningful learning outcomes for children because the system is not designed to support, train and empower teachers effectively. In many communities, a classroom can be opaque and a teacher can be isolated without support. Following their initial government qualification a teacher can be placed in a school without additional coaching or training for years.

Pictured: A Bridge Liberia teacher in his classroom.

Bridge believes that teachers are at the heart of effective schools and ensuring they are properly supported on an ongoing basis is vital. We help governments support their teachers to excel through a carefully designed teacher training programme which focuses on creating a child-centred classroom through the use of powerful classroom techniques, a revived teaching philosophy and improved resources.

Every teacher is equipped with a device onto which they download teacher guides for over eight hours of engaging lessons a day, freeing them from the demands of lesson planning and allowing them to focus on what they love the most—to teach. All lesson guides are based on the local national curriculum.

Bridge supports government teachers according to the needs and requests of individual political leaders. However, fundamentally we support government teachers to both perform and be accountable in each and every school. Teachers go through an intensive training programme which focuses on teaching strategies and  effective classroom management techniques. Once in the classroom, all teachers benefit from being part of a continuous feedback loop which sees them individually supported by their school leader; academic field officer and area manager each and every week.

In countries such as Liberia and States such as Edo, Nigeria this approach to training and supporting teachers has seen children’s learning outcomes significantly improve in only a matter of months. In Liberia, learning increased by 100% in just nine months.

All the government teachers that Bridge supports remain on the government payroll and work according to government policies.

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