National exam results, 2019

2019 was the fifth year that Bridge pupils entered the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) with over 3,396 sitting the exam — 1,648 were girls and 1,748 were boys. 

Bridge entered pupils from 43 of the 47 counties across Kenya and significantly outperformed the national average for the fifth consecutive year.

There is no ‘pass mark’ in the KCPE. However, the score determines the type of secondary school a child is eligible to attend.

Key statistic

  • Our pupils sitting the KCPE scored an average of 16 points higher than pupils nationally, a difference of 0.25 standard deviations—equivalent to just over one year of additional schooling; This is even more impressive considering the national average includes elite private schools.

Further statistics

  • Pupils who had been at Bridge for 5 years or more scored an average of 31 marks higher than pupils nationally, a difference of 0.41 standard deviations, equivalent to almost two years of additional schooling.
  • Ten pupils achieved 400 marks or more putting them in the top 0.9% of pupils nationally.
  • 300 pupils scored at least 350 marks significantly improving their chances of getting into one of Kenya’s top secondary schools.
  • Over 30% scored more than 300 marks, which give a competitive edge in admissions to great secondary schools. Nationally, less than 24% of pupils achieved such high scores.

Girls education

  • The number of Bridge girls passing the KCPE has increased by over 22% over the last five years.
  • Bridge schools have nearly eliminated the boy-girl achievement gap in the KCPE.
  • Our best performing girl was Laura Atieno from Siaya County who scored 417 marks

Length of time

In addition; the exam data enables us to look at the performance of pupils who have been at Bridge for multiple years. The data shows that the longer pupils had attended Bridge schools, the better they performed in the KCPE. Impressively, 71% of pupils who had been with Bridge for at least five years achieved 250 marks; with an average of 281.

Secondary schools

Our 2019 graduates went on to some of the best National schools in Kenya — including Pangani Girls High School and Karima Girls High School.