National exam results, 2015

2016 was the second year that Bridge pupils entered the KCPE with 2,965 sitting the exam — 1,455 were girls and 1,510 were boys.

The KCPE pass mark is 250 and achieving this score makes a child eligible to attend secondary school.

Key statistic

  • Our pupils averaged 266 marks in the KCPE examination, 16 points higher than the national average. A difference of 0.24 standard deviations—equivalent to almost one year of schooling.

Further statistics

  • Sixty-one per cent of pupils passed compared to a national average of 50%
  • Pupils had a mean score of 264 — 14 points above the national average

Length of time

  • Pupils from the two longest run schools had a 100% pass rate and a mean score of 333 marks, nearly 100 points above the nationwide mean 
  • Pupils who had been at Bridge for four years, scored a mean of 282 marks, at least 32 points above the nationwide mean.

Secondary schools

In 2015, 63.5% of pupils were accepted into National, Extra-county, County, or Sub-county schools

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