The EdoBEST effect

Edo is implementing a State-wide public education transformation, called the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation or EdoBEST–aimed at improving outcomes across the entire State’s public primary and junior secondary school system.

In February 2019, the Edo state government commissioned a report called The EdoBEST Effect which was designed to look at learning gains in the first term of the EdoBEST programme. The study looked at 30 control schools vs 30 intervention schools and considered Primary 3 and Primary 4 pupils. 

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Key finding

  • Pupils learnt in one term would they would normally learn in one year. An EdoBEST school equates to nearly three-quarters of a year more math instruction and nearly two-thirds of a year more literacy instruction compared to a traditional Edo State primary school.


Further findings

  • Primary 3 EdoBEST pupils scored six percentage points higher in maths and seven percentage points higher in English Literacy
  • More broadly, EdoBEST pupils scored higher on every exam
    • In Maths by two percentage points higher ‘status quo’ pupils
    • For English Literacy, by five percentage points higher ‘status quo’ pupils
  • EdoBEST teachers were 54% more likely to praise their pupils
  • Increase in results driven almost entirely by girls who outperformed boys in EdoBEST and both boys and girls in ‘Status Quo’ schools

To note: this study was done in the first term of the EdoBEST programme. The Edo State Government is in the process of commissioning a longer term study to analyse the full impact of the EdoBEST programme.